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Our Concierge Services Can Simplify Your Life!

Our Concierge Service / Personnal Assistants...

Will run errands, shop for speciality gifts/groceries, stage homes to sell, clutter elimination, organize, downsize, clean, provide transportation to/from appointments, make reservations/airline/travel/dining, assist seniors, estate management. Concierge Girl offers a Vacation Concierge Service: we take care of your house/rental property and pets while you’re away on business or vacation.

For some we are errand runners and for others an extra pair of hands to help with special projects. We are your Personal Assistant.

Our Concierge Service offers packages and gift certificates

  • Couples with two incomes but zero time.
  • Single parents struggling to do the job of two.
  • Seniors who aren't able to handle as much as they used to.
  • Busy professionals/executives who spend long hours traveling, in meetings or at the office.

Call Concierge Girl Services/Personnal Assisants: (859) 421-5873 or email

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