Katherine K. Weitzel

Founder & President 

Lexington, Kentucky is my home, I started my career working for Marriott hotels and Choice hotels.

Moving to Mountain View, California in the 80’s I helped to open the new Residence Inn by Marriott. Building long term relationship with business executives helping with training groups, organized meetings, events, celebrations; whatever they needed I made it happen. Some of the Fortune 500 accounts I worked with were: (Apple Computer, Austin Morgan, Sytex, Syva, Ford, General Electric, Boeing, CVS, and General Motors.

After troubleshooting for The Residence Inn by Marriott and working in 32 different locations. I eventually moved back to Lexington, Kentucky.

With 19 years of experience in international/national hotel industry, startup companies in all realms of management and customer service, it made sense to start my business Concierge Girl.

Concierge Girl

We help businesses, corporate, seniors, excecutives, busy people. We help with organization, downsizing, decluttering, rental properties, we can book and stock your villa, home,  condo rentals, make restaurant reservations and referrals we help create a better Lifestyle for you, your business and family.

As the Team Manager Katherine/Katie is responsible for the management, planning and will setup all of your help with your time consuming personal/business related tasks: at home, on the road, or at work.

Concierge Girl will always go the extra mile

Call Concierge Girl: (859) 421-5873 or email: katherine.weitzel@gmail.com