Customer: Angelica Woods – Worked Completed: July 25th, 2012

Category: Organization
Services Performed: Yes
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $925.00
Description Of Work:
Concierge Girl Services/ the owner (Katie) over saw the entire project; they organizae my 6 bedroom home in a timely manner.  Concierge Girl Services was Reliable, Courteous, Responsible, Affordable and Excellent Service!!
Customer Comments:
They showed up on the time on with very short notice they did not require much explanation they worked quickly and went above and beyond my expectations, they did a Great Job, will use the service again.

November 2, 2012
Hire Again:  Yes
Approximate Cost:  $975.00
Description Of Work: 
On October 12th I had a total right knee replacement, due to the effects of medications I was taking, I was not permitted to drive for three weeks after surgery. My cousin was able to stay with me for two weeks, but she does not drive. I needed help running errands, food shopping, light kitchen stocking tasks, getting prescriptions for three weeks after surgery, and needed help getting me to and from work in my third week after surgery.
Member/Customers Comments: 
Katie was wonderful,  absolutely punctual, sympathetic, and extremely accommodating. On several occasions I had abrupt changes in schedules due to emergencies at work, and Katie was able to get me to and from work at short notice. That was very helpful and very appreciated. Use of Concierge Girl Services made my transition from home recovery to work easy and worry free, given that the schedule was not fixed and varied day to day. 
I will have my other knee replaced next year, and plan to use Concierge Girl Services again, especially since I may not get as much assistance from family next year.