Pre-Paid Membership Packages

Our fees depend on the assignment, how long it takes and how many employees are working, and the location. Sign up for one of our monthly memberships packages: you will save both money and time.

Basic Time Saver*

6 hours of service each month $600.00

Time Saver*

10 hours of service each month:$800.00Big Time Saver*
15 hours of service each month: $775.00Super Time Saver*
20 hours of service each month: $1375.00
Packages provide access to all of our Concierge, Personal Assistant, Personal Shopper/Home Concierges and Errand Services/downsizing, Estate Sales, decluttering, Organization

  • Monthly package fees must be paid in full at the beginning of each month before services can be used.
  • Hours may be used at any time during that month.
  • Hours may be rolled over, but will expire after 90 days, will do make exceptions
  • Unused hours cannot be cashed out, but may be donated to another individual or given as a gift, remember you can purchase a gift certificate.